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Information about our biscuits


We currently offer the following flavours - please specify at the time of ordering. 

  • Madagascan vanilla - using vanilla pods - this is our most popular flavour 

  • Chocolate - only the best cocoa powder is used

  • Zesty lemon - the zest of real lemons (of course)  

  • Spiced ginger - a festive favourite 

  • Vanilla gluten free - we use Dove's Farm flour and also gluten free icing 

  • Vegan -spiced ginger flavour 

We also offer seasonal flavours such as chocolate and clementine at Christmas and orange zest, strawberry and fresh mint in the Summer.

Ingredients & allergy advice 

Biscuits: wheat flour, salted butter, sugar, golden syrup, pasteurised free range egg, bicarbonate of soda. We then add Madagascan vanilla seeds, lemon zest, cocoa or ginger and spices,


Icing: icing sugar, water, Meri-white meringue powder (made from pasteurised egg whites so perfectly safe for expectant mums and children) food colouring and sparkly bits. 


A full list of ingredients is provided with each order.


Allergy advice: our biscuits contain wheat, gluten, eggs and milk.  Our biscuits are made in a kitchen which also make other things that include nuts and sesame.


Please store the biscuits in a cool, dry and dark place (but not in a fridge.)   Our biscuits don't like heat or direct sunlight.  Once opened store in an airtight container.  Our biscuits will last up to three weeks but Mrs Smith believes they taste best within 10 days of purchase. Please note they are a fresh product and are made to be enjoyed!


We respect and protect the environment working hard to reduce waste and recycle or compost where possible.  


We offer glassine favour bags which are made from wood cellulose and are 100% recyclable.  Our pretty white boxes with transparent PET lid are 100% recyclable.  The box contains 30% recycled material.  The remainder is sourced from well managed forests which are certified in compliance with Forest Stewardship Council standards. The cushion pad inserts and shredded paper protective packaging are 100% recyclable and compostable. Our postal boxes are 100% recyclable.  The liner is made from 100% recycled material. The outer layer is made from 50% recycled material.


We use 100% biodegradable and compostable protective packaging in our biscuits-by-post parcels. 


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