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HOW TO: use edible flowers in and on biscuits

Using edible flowers in cooking has been around for centuries - they are perfect for adding a touch of prettiness to foods for events and especially weddings. Use them to adorn anything from cakes to cocktails and cheese boards to salads.

It's their delicateness and seasonality that make them such an exquisite edition to a wedding. Of course they come in a huge rainbow of colours so you can easily choose a flower colour scheme to complement other elements of the day.

We love creating biscuits using edible flowers - if you are planning a wedding why not consider these as a pretty addition to the occasion - as wedding favours, on a sweet table or as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake. We only use the best and get ours from . They are delivered overnight by courier in specially designed temperature controlled packaging. You really have to use them as soon as they are delivered either by crystalising them (once crystallised they'll last a few months if stored properly) or pressing them into rolled chilled shortbread and baking straight away.

You can use all sorts of biscuit flavours to complement the flowers - zesty lemon and elderflower and herbs too such as rosemary and basil work particularly well. You can even add slices of fruits to the biscuits. Plums and kumquats are great as they go slightly sticky when you cook them.

If you use flowers in your own baking make sure you get them from a reputable source and that they are suitable for human consumption!

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