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The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Epub Download




As well as featuring all the original material (including the four music CDs and special sketches for the original BBC radio series) there's a wealth of extras. The first of these is a 32-page colour booklet, featuring reproductions of original sketch material, one of which is a previously unpublished original draft from radio series 5. There are dozens of double-page illustrations and double-page spreads throughout, as well as a black and white spread showing all the radio episodes so far (complete with the very earliest, and very quickly abandoned, designs for John Lloyd) and a red and black double-page spread of the final book's cover art. There is a sleevenote by Douglas Adams, with introductions from Dirk Maggs and Andy Riley, as well as the original proposal for the book, a feature article by Jeremy P. Smith, and a further chapter by Adams himself (including notes on his own contributions to the original edition). Many of the original double page spreads have been cut down slightly, with the missing material replaced with filler text. For example, the original, fourth double-page spread of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (or, as it was called at the time, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Revisited) was largely replaced by the spread for the second book, Galactic North, although these are, by and large, very similar in content. The original "Birth Day" spread (Part 3, page 8) has also been replaced with filler material. The book is also part of the Baen Books '​Celebrating Hitchhiker's Guide'​ programme, which includes the previously out of print original hardback edition, the various single volume editions of the story, several of the re-released BBC Radio plays and the novels and TV story. The first of the "Celebrating Hitchhiker's Guide" editions was released in November 2011. Plot summary The book opens with Arthur Dent meeting a baby for the first time, who promptly strangles him. The narrative then moves on to what happened on Thursday, 13 October, 1.4.12.m. On this day, and the following ten days, Arthur Dent is visited by a number of aliens of the Vogon species. They are an advanced and highly civilised species who have encountered a problem. Their planet, with which they have a symbiotic relationship, is made up of a black hole, which is slowly,



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The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Epub Download

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