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SP Driver V2.0 Install.rar [Latest]




, can you please tell me how to install this thing ronald: what does "dpkg -l | grep linux-firmware" return edu: is your gpu hardware intel or nvidia? edu: i think he means the company that sold the drivers to the manufacturer. My gpu is Nvidia 970 kisuke I get "No packages found matching linux-firmware". ronald: paste the result of "dpkg -l | grep linux-firmware" to a pastebin edu: ok. nvidia can't use the open source drivers, only nouveau. Is that the problem? ducasse: so what do you suggest? edu: i'm not sure, but i don't think so. edu: maybe the driver they sent you does not support the 970? nvidia-367 ronald: is your system 64 or 32 bit? ducasse: "No dri device available!" when I try to run the restricted-driver manager edu: did you install this package? nvidia-367 kisuke, 32 bit edu: i mean the one they sent you ducasse: Yes edu: maybe if you change the repository to the main ubuntu repo it might work this is the linux driver ronald: try this sacarlson: oh! That's what I've been looking for Thanks sacarlson kisuke: I have tried that. It doesn't work. The system hangs during the firmware update. edu: you have to open your bios so it can see




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SP Driver V2.0 Install.rar [Latest]
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