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Planning a wedding? Here is our analysis of current wedding biscuit trends

Just as with other foods, we are seeing some strong trends in biscuit design and especially for weddings. We love creating biscuits for weddings to complement other elements of the big day such as flowers and wedding stationery as an integral element of the wedding tablescape.

Generic wedding favours are out. Personalised designs on the other hand from entwined initials of the bride and groom to requests for favourite pets - cats and dogs being the most frequently asked for designs - are definitely in.

Capturing the outfits of the happy couple in biscuit form is a lovely way of adding fun details to a tablescape (and it means we get a sneak peak into the outfits before the big day too!)

Geometic patterns - particularly hexagons combined with metallic details especially rose gold and bronze and icing in more muted colours such as blush and burgundy have been popular in 2019 but we predict 2020 will see stronger more vibrant colours such as hot pink and fuchsia.

A more elegant and fresh freehand icing style is also a strong trend coming through - either on a plaque or simple round or heart shaped biscuit with intricate flower and leaf design; fruit - especially lemons (think Italian themed); hand painted details or silhouette designs. Seasonal edible flowers - either pressed in biscuit dough or crystallised are also being requested.

As well as biscuits as wedding favours on place settings, our biscuits are also being added alongside other sweet treats on dessert tables and we are now getting enquiries for beautifully stacked biscuits to sit side by side with (or as an alternative) to a wedding cake.

Sustainable packaging solutions are definitely in - single use cellophane bags are out, thankfully!

Whilst we do offer a range of biscuit flavours including botanical (and gin) flavours and can even create a unique biscuit flavour for the special occasion, Madagascan vanilla remains overwhelmingly the most popular biscuit flavour requested. And if you want a vegan biscuit solution we can certainly discuss options and ideas with you.

Planning a wedding in 2020? Speak to us about how we can help you create something beautiful, personal and memorable for your special day ...

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