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HOW TO: ice biscuits with royal icing

The Basics: line and flood icing

First outline the biscuit with line icing (see blog on HOW TO: make royal icing for biscuit decorating and also HOW TO colour royal icing for biscuit decorating).

We use an icing bag with an icing nozzle but if you are just starting out don’t bother ... just snip the end of the icing bag with very sharp scissors. Try not to have the tip of the bag too close to the biscuit - you’ll get a wobbly line. Be brave a lift the tip of the icing bag away from the biscuit by a couple of centimetres. This will give you a smoother line.

Here I am icing a batch of spiced ginger leaf biscuits with line icing captured in real time ...

Next fill the biscuit design with flood icing from a squeezy bottle. Use a cocktail stick to fill any gaps and pop any bubbles! The flood icing will settle and smooth out in a few seconds. Don’t overfill with flood icing!

Leave to the biscuits to dry for at least 8 hours or even better overnight.

Have fun put some music on. Icing is really cathartic!

Wear an apron and eat the ones that go wrong!

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