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Best ever banana loaf recipe

Everyone seems to be making banana loaf at the moment. Its soooo easy, a great activity to do with the kids whilst self isolating and of course a great way to use up those over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl.

Here's our best ever banana loaf recipe featuring chocolate chips.


140g butter - softened

140g caster sugar

140g self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 large eggs

2 very ripe bananas - mashed

100g plain chocolate chips

1. preheat the oven to 180 degrees C or 160 degrees C fan

2. line a 2lt loaf tin with baking paper

3. cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl - we use a hand whisk to do this

4. throw in all the other ingredients and whisk until all the ingredients are combined

5. pour in the tin and bake for around 40 mins - test with a skewer to check its cooked through

6. leave in the tin for 10 mins or so before removing and allowing to cool thoroughly on a cooling rack

7. sprinkle with icing sugar if you wish

You can substitute the chocolate chips for dates, walnuts or pecans too.

Totally yummy with a cup of earl grey or a glass of milk for the kids

Store in an airtight container - its even better the next day if it lasts that long.

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