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Trend alert: We're going crazy for embossed rolling pins!

Why shouldn't the bottom of biscuits be just as beautiful as the top ...

Everyone is going crazy for embossed rolling pins at the moment and we've started embossing some of our biscuits - these are proving hugely popular particularly for weddings.

Its such a simple thing to do and can jazz up the simplest of biscuit designs.

We use this lovely rolling pin with embossed flower detail but there are lots of designs out there including cute seasonal ones and even Star Wars themed ones. These embossed rolling pins also make really lovely gifts for baking mad friends and family - you can even get them personalised with a name or logo.

Mrs Smith's top tip: roll out your biscuit dough using a regular rolling pin first. Make sure your biscuit dough is chilled before using the embossed rolling pin otherwise you get into a very sticky mess!

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